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Why Choose Permanent Makeup For You?

Permanent Makeup, also known as Micro-pigmentation, has a softer, more natural look than you might think! Eliminate the hassle of applying your eyeliner or drawing your eyebrows on everyday. Never worry again about smeared makeup if you've had to rub your eyes or scratch an eyebrow. You can enjoy eating and drinking without having to reapply lipstick to your lips!

You will find Permanent Makeup is great if you suffer from allergies and frequently smear makeup due to itchy or watery eyes. It's also a great alternative if you have allergies or sensitivities to cosmetics. If you are older and have poor vision or an unsteady hand which makes makeup application difficult, Permanent Makeup is right for you!

Permanent Eyeliner

can be applied to upper or lower lash-lines or both. I like to create a natural looking enhancement for you. It can also be just a "lash enhancement" where the eyes are defined with a natural look rather than a distinct line. During the consultation, we will determine which of these, as well as choice of color, best suits your style!

 Permanent Makeup Need Proper After Care

Tips to make your permanent

Do not go into a lake, ocean, river, Jacuzzi or pool

Until the entire procedure area has healed. Bacteria in an open wound will cause an infection. Protect your procedure area from the sun. The suns rays reflect up from the water and sand so you must wear a hat and this client needs to protect her eyebrows with petroleum

 for 7 – 10 days.

Do not bleach your teeth until your lip procedure has totally healed.

The higher percentage of carbamide peroxide in the bleaching gel the more color it can pull out of the lips.

Wait to bleach your teeth until after your color refresher has healed.

                                                                                                                                              Keep your hands and fingers away from a new eyeliner.

If you must touch your eye, use a new, clean cotton swab.

If you get an eye infection, go to your physician for medication. Smoking should be limited if you have had a lip procedure. The filter when placed against the new lip color can pull off the tattooed skin. This will ruin your lip procedure. If you must smoke, twirl the filter in petroleum before you smoke. This will help to eliminate tearing the newly pigmented tissue off of the lips.

Price List 

Lip liner

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Full Lip color

Eyelash Extensions 2 hr appointment)


Eye liner top or bottom

(1.5 hr appointment every 2 weeks)


Cheek blush

appointment every 4 weeks)


Eye shadow


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